“Don’t be another cog in the wheel”

earlier, I was mid-way through writing a passionate expose of how great a learning experience I’m having here at UserX when by browser crashed and the entire message was lost. A lesson to learn here readers: Save often.

So I’ve removed the emotional, heartfelt fluff and I’m going to summarize here the key points of my message:

  • Every Friday is Training Day at UserX where we put down all our work and we train in something new.
  • Today we watched “Eleven Big Ideas (give or take a dozen)” by Seth Godin (yes, that IS the title of the seminar)
  • I loved it.
  • I single most important thing I learnt today: how to use a Funnel. Yup.
  • Actually, what I REAALLY loved were the mid-seminar pauses; we took time to reflect what we have just heard and match it with questions we had in our heads. Some questions were answered and luckly for us they lead to even BETTER questions. and questions come from all aspects of our lives, be it the vision of the company or why some blogs work better than most.
  • BETTER questions are important because they take us closer to our goal.
  • UX is shaping up nicely and as we talk more about it, our common vision gets clearer and clearer.
  • We love we’re honest. we love what we WANT to do with UserX and we are honest about the skills and knowledge we have.today.
  • Talk is important because by talking, we learn. Thoughts in our heads don’t become real until we manifest it in some form. Talk is easy, talk is fast, talk is good. Let’s talk more.
  • I love the approach we’re taking w UX. its bold, its beautiful, its in your face. Its so fun, the things we want to do, it doesn’t feel like work at all.
  • I want to take the world by storm. Let’s do it and make it a journey we can look back on years from now and say “I wouldn’t have done it any other way”.

And so there you go. my repost. a lot less emotional, a lots less articulation, some things fell through the net, but hey, tomorrow’s another day. (actually, tomorrow is the day I go to Krabi. woohoo!)

Quote of the day is from Kurt Vonnegut: “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.

fyi, in writing this post-Firefox-crash post, I have saved it 5 times. There you go.


1 Response to ““Don’t be another cog in the wheel””

  1. 1 Gul Khan January 20, 2007 at 12:01 pm

    hey, tim, glad you like Training Day. I love it too. Yesterday’s session really was great….good to see that you gained something from it and decided to put it into your blog, which is after all, just another wordpress blog 😉

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