Kitty took a dump……..on my bed

Tonight, I came home from a great meeting and dinner with my colleagues. Waiting for me was a fresh pile of cat poo on my bed right smack on where I’d lay my head.Now, for those who know me, you’d know that I like to do things in the dark. shower in the dark, eat with dim light. even when i’m using my computer, all the lights are swtiched off except for my table lamp.And peering through the darkness, I noticed an even darker darkness on my bed.Turned on the lights and BOOM!! Cat poo.Kitty hasn’t been in the best of health the last few weeks. He’s pissing blood (trace, not like gallons of it) and has been to the doctor twice already. Doc suspects it might be kidney stone, but he’s been given 2 courses of medication to see if the bleeding stops. We hope its nothing serious. No, I didn’t hit kitty, just had a stern talking-to, and asked him why he did it. No answer came back, only looking at me with 1 leg up licking his bum. I feel bad for not taking care of kitty better than I have. In fact, my mum takes care of him more than I do.The next time those of you feel pity for a cat and want to take him home, do it only if you can accept your cat pooing on your bed.


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