The Paradox of Choice


There are three main principals I’ve taken away from The Paradox of Choice:

The more options people consider, the more buyer’s regret they have.
The more options people consider, the less fulfilling the ultimate outcome.
Most important: The more options people have, the less likely they are to make a choice.

From article: Using The Paradox of Choice to Improve User Experience

“The less obvious side [to Apple’s customer satisfaction] involves two key words: freedom and choice.

“In ‘The Tyranny of Too Much,’ we explain how too much choice is a problem, a significant problem even. Recapitulating, too many options to choose from will increase our expectations and decrease our satisfaction with the choice we’ve made. …

“This presents a problem for businesses, because it means that to satisfy customers they ought to give them less to choose from; however, our western society is so focused on offering choice that this almost certainly seems like a poor business decision. After all, choice is – for better or worse – transparently linked to freedom, and freedom is what today’s society is all about. But the fact of the matter is that less choice, and consequently less freedom, is what actually liberates us as customers because it gives us greater satisfaction.

“Apple is one of the very few companies that get this – and yet, they get chided for it much more so than praised.”

— Aric Winton of Blackfriers

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