Context is everything (aka what do noob and IDA have in common?)

At a glance, noob (leetspeak for beginner) and IDA have nothing in common, but they do.

They’re both abbreviations or phrases we use to replace what we actually mean.

When we join new companies or work groups, we often take time to learn the lingo and language of the office. I get frustrated sometimes. why can’t people just speak plain english and call a monkey a monkey?

Tonight, while playing Left 4 Dead 2, I learnt how it can be useful.

leetspeak and abbreviations help you cross language barriers.

So there I was playing a Versus match with people from Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. For those not in the know, L4D2 is a game that requires lots of coordination and teamwork to win.

How do you communicate across 3 different languages?

That’s where leetspeak comes in.

I was amazed how much I could understand with so little in common language-wise. Trust me, my leetspeak ain’t great either. but with the little we had, we could coordinate attacks and, of course, curse at each other..(:

Context is everything. In everyday life abbreviations may annoy us, but in some situations, like gaming online internationally, it can come in very handy.


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