I think, therefore I am……….seriously???

Decarte said that eons ago.

Recently, whilst reading The Power of Now, I’ve come to think that thinking, or over thinking for that matter, may be the barrier that prevents us from enjoying our lives.

The book puts forth the idea of using our brains as a tool. When we’re done with it, put it down and enjoy the Now.

The trouble is most of us, myself included, spend so much of our time in our heads that we neglect our experiences in the Now. Coffee doesn’t taste as good. cigarettes are over before you realize (and then you smoke another one). We worry about finances and chores while jogging in the neighbourhood.

How did we end up like this?

I have a theory of why people drink, listen to loud music or practice escapism. It’s cos’ these activities drown out our minds and are so strong that they force us to be here, Now. and we thoroughly enjoy these moments where our minds are given a break and we take in the present in all its glory.

Eckhart’s book encourages us to focus on the Now, because in the Now, there are no problems. Why worry about something when you can only fix it later?

I’ve been practicing his lessons for about a month now, with limited success. Simply because being in the Now is much harder than it seems after a lifetime of living in my head.

You are not your mind. Put it down when you don’t have to use it, and enjoy the life that surrounds you at every moment.


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