The annoying thing about salacious titles (read: Gawker’s Ryan Tate is an ass)

So one morning I got up super grumpy and got on with my usual morning routine of making tea, watering the plants and catching up with what’s new on the web (since the night before).

Lo and behold Ryan Tate’s Gawker post: Apple’s Worst Security Breach: 114,000 iPad Owners Exposed

Now, I had just caught a whiff of the news from, and had some idea that it wasn’t Apple who caused the leak, but it was AT&T’s website, and the people involved, who were at fault. So you can imagine how pissed I was when I saw the title.

Look, I’m all for great titles that draw readers in so that they would read the article. But stretching the truth and misreporting it completely are as different as night and day.

In an age where IM, SMS and email dominates our conversation, people don’t put the same kind of time and effort into their writing as they used to in order to get their points and intentions across. This leads to miscommunication, and sometimes feelings are hurt. It happens a lot to me. heh..

But in this instance, THAT can’t be an excuse for Ryan Tate. That title was well thought out, malicious and designed to garner readership from the web.

A few paragraphs in, you’ll see this excerpt:

See? Even he admits that it was AT&T’s servers that were breached, not Apple’s. When you buy a consumer electronic, almost all companies would like to know how they can reach you and ask for your email. It makes good business sense. Blaming Apple in this instance is akin to blaming gun manufacturers for murder.

Ryan, if you can hear this, you’re full of shit and it’s disgusting how you whore your reputation, or whatever’s left of it, for a few clicks on the web.


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