Microsoft Looking For A Few Good iPad Users… To Study

Apple’s rival has created a Facebook event calling for iPad owners to come to Microsoft’s Redmond campus between July 16 and July 21 for a study. Specifically, it’s Microsoft’s User Research group and they want people for chunks of two hours to apparently survey how they use the device. A follow-up note indicates that it’s student iPad users that Microsoft is specifically interested in here.

Sounds like a step in the right direction, if you ask me.

My bit to, hopefully, clarify that user experience research isn’t necessarily about opinions and preferences, but of human behaviour:

From a user experience (UX) point of view, it’s an interesting research. I believe Microsoft’s (MS) UX researchers are interested in observing how people use the iPad, and I think the focus on students as the target group of choice merely points to Microsoft’s interest in, perhaps, developing something for the Education arena. Could be an app, could be a device, who knows?

Bottom line: what they’re observing is probably gonna be usage behaviour, which isn’t significantly affected by one’s perception/opinion of a brand. Take for example 2 identical mice and paste a MS logo on one and an Apple logo on the other. Usage behaviour isn’t gonna differ significantly on how we interact with the mice.

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