A more human ATM by IDEO

The idea of replacing physical buttons with a touchscreen is a feather out of the iPhone’s cap.

The most innovative part of the design, to me, is the placement of the machine at a right angle to the queue. This way, you can see people waiting in the queue from the corner of your eye, satisfying the schizophrenics in all of us that someone would jump out of the queue and rob us at knife point, or to avoid prying eyes from peeping at our embarrassing account balances.

This though brings about the concern of installation: most ATMs today are “holes in the wall”. Will they work in all physical spaces that ATMs currently reside?

Also, I hate it when I’m in the queue to withdraw a couple of bucks and the guy in front of me is paying his bills, checking his stock accounts, transferring money, printing his transaction list etc. Great design is..great, but won’t more features encourage longer queues at ATMs?

read more and watch the video: BBVA-The future of self banking


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