Why We Crave the Food We Crave



“Once we have imprinted our minds with this association of pleasure and a specific sweet or salty indulgence, we have landed ourselves on a path of reoccurring cravings.  

It’s also important to recognize that food is a primal activity.  It has deep-seated meanings that may come from events in our childhood when a chocolate chip cookie was offered to you every time you were upset, for example.  Craving foods can also have metaphorical meaning.  For example, the expression “food is love.”  

So, you are probably asking yourself “How do I conquer these cravings?”  
– Allowing yourself a small portion of the craving culprit will give you the feeling of accomplishment and you’ll likely be satisfied without overindulge  as may be the case if you try ignoring it for too long.

– Adding a few M&M’s to your yogurt for example will cater to your craving in a less regretful manner.

– Eat 3 square meals a day at regular intervals.  If you put off eating lunch or breakfast, you may find yourself seeking a fast solution to hunger to get you through the rest of the work day and the cravings will kick in full strength.

– Keeping fruit on hand is a good alternative.  There are many fruits that offer the sweetness you are seeking.  A bite into a juicy apple may be all you need to get past the craving!

– Change things up!  If your routine includes a trip to the vending machine on the way to your desk, try packing a small Ziploc bag of trail mix instead. A smell sending you into a frenzy? Try leaving the room and taking a breath of fresh air or otherwise occupying yourself to take your mind off of the craving.”


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