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Design Jam with IntiMate – A secret room for two

How do you notify users of an incoming message without leaving a trail of digital breadcrumbs that is tracable? Is there a way to simplify (or do without) the signup process? How can we design an app that would encourage users to use it many times a day?

These were the design challenges IntiMate brought to the table at OD’s Design Jam last week.

What is Design Jam?
We started Design Jam to help businesses (especially startups) who have genuine design challenges, but do not have the know-how to design a great user experience.

It’s our way of giving back to the community and helping the people who need UX advice the most.

Objective Digital’s Design Jams are pretty straightforward:

  • Name 3 design challenges you are facing right now
  • We’ll help you sketch, design and tackle them in 2 hours
  • You bring food and wine and we’ll get to work!

Want to know more? Contact us for a Design Jam!

Who is IntiMate?
Last week, we had the good people from IntiMate in our offices:

IntiMate is a Secret Room for any 2 people to share intimate content with each other securely on their mobile. Check out IntiMate’s website to find out more.

IntiMate’s top 3 design challenges


The IntiMate team articulated their top 3 design challenges as:

1. Seamlessly getting in (pun not intended)
– How can 2 users effortlessly start to play? How do we remove obstacles to the signup process? (e.g. “We just met at a party…”)

2. “I don’t want to get caught”
– If conversations are a secret, how can we notify a user with many conversations?
– How can we secure access to a conversation without asking the user too much?

3. “Play more every day”
– How do we empower users to discover and use new interactions?

The Design Jam Process

1. Preparation

We prepared for the session by addressing the following questions:

– Business objectives: how will this mobile app impact your business?
– Competitor review: who’s already doing it and what are they doing well/not well?
– Desired behaviours: what are the specific behaviours you want your users to perform that have direct impact on the success of the app?

2. Let’s Jam! (Co-creation, design studio)

DesignJam-intimate-4 DesignJam-intimate-3

To the tunes of Boney M (our artist of the day), we tackled each challenge one at a time, sketching, creating and presenting our ideas in rapid succession.

The focus was to generate a quantity of ideas for IntiMate to take with them, and examine interesting interactions that came up.

3. After Jamming

IntiMate took with them the sketches and ideas generated during the session and had this to say about their experience one week later:

DesignJam-intimate-6“The workshop with Objective Digital has provided the IntiMate team with a real boost in terms of ideation, and potential answers to the challenges that Tim helped us to identify before the workshop.

One of the great added value of this session is that OD’s consultants brought a broad experience of UX, rich creativity and, even more important, a real passion for the products available in the market, most of which they use on a daily basis in their work and personal environments.

It would have taken us many weeks to achieve the same level of ideation, so thank you Objective Digital for your help!”

Got a design challenge you’d like us to tackle? Contact us for a Design Jam!


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Complete beginner’s guide to content strategy


A common occurrence: you or someone you know wants to create content and have it published online. A slightly less common occurrence? Having that same someone articulate high aspirations for their content. For those select few, instead of creating content destined for some digital landfill, their content is special; it’s going places and it’s taking them, their brand, and their experience with it.

I’m starting to like the posts on They’re deep and excite us into wanting to know more.

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A more human ATM by IDEO

The idea of replacing physical buttons with a touchscreen is a feather out of the iPhone’s cap.

The most innovative part of the design, to me, is the placement of the machine at a right angle to the queue. This way, you can see people waiting in the queue from the corner of your eye, satisfying the schizophrenics in all of us that someone would jump out of the queue and rob us at knife point, or to avoid prying eyes from peeping at our embarrassing account balances.

This though brings about the concern of installation: most ATMs today are “holes in the wall”. Will they work in all physical spaces that ATMs currently reside?

Also, I hate it when I’m in the queue to withdraw a couple of bucks and the guy in front of me is paying his bills, checking his stock accounts, transferring money, printing his transaction list etc. Great design is..great, but won’t more features encourage longer queues at ATMs?

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